projects360 (formerly Projects+)

Going forward, will be known as to align with’s rebranding and industry focus. The name and logo changes bring cohesiveness between’s product brands which now include aec360 and legal360.

With the product name change, we have renamed the Projects+ menus to projects360. Workspace icons have been changed from Projects+ icons, and now share the look and feel of standard Dynamics 365 F&O Workspaces. The “Project Management” Workspace has been renamed to “Project Management and Approvals,” to better differentiate between projects360 and standard Dynamics 365.

PowerApp Dashboard

Dynamics 365 F&O has an initial landing page (“Default Dashboard”) with limited functionality. is introducing a new concept of a PowerApps landing page or “Dashboard” within Dynamics 365 F&O, which can be setup as the default landing page for users. This new Dashboard concept leverages the flexibility and capabilities of PowerApps, allowing a power user to generate a variety of end user experiences. The Dashboard concept can navigate to various apps, websites, and/or workspaces seamlessly. It can also display bits of information outside of F&O, such as Power BI and other data visuals.

To enable this concept, a new User level “Initial page” setting has been added in User options. When that is selected, a PowerApps URL can be provided as that user’s landing Dashboard. The Dashboard URLs can also be provided to users on a stand-alone basis, they do not have to be embedded inside of F&O.

Below is a sample dashboard of this concept. In a future release, we plan on having a PowerApps “starter pack” for Dashboard templates.

Simple Adjustments

This feature provides the ability to perform adjustments on the hour transactions directly from the Invoice proposal. A User will be able to modify time, write off time fully or partially with the percent or quantity of hours, write up or write down the amount for each resource or for all resources and also reapplying the sales price with this new feature. All of these adjustments are available without going into the complex Adjustments form.

This feature is controlled by the parameter placed on the projects360 parameters. Each type of adjustment is activated individually.


A number of design and performance improvements have been made to the existing projects360 resourcing functionality.

Multiple Instances of Same Resource

It’s now possible, via a parameter setting, to book the same Resource multiple times in one Project. In prior versions the Resource could only be booked once. This design change addresses scenarios where the same Resource is associated multiple times in the same Project for different time periods, or the Resource is performing multiple roles in one project.

In this scenario, it’s also important to be able to differentiate the Resources on other forms like the Project view and Resource view. Therefore, the “Resource Name” field has been brought into the Resource Forecast form to allow a user to provide unique descriptions. A generic description of Role name or Resource name is provided automatically.

As part of these changes, the Resource lookup drop-down in the Resource forecast has been redesigned for better performance, logic, and filtering capabilities.

Book Hours Per Day

A new concept has been added to the Resource forecast form called “Book Hours Per Day”. This field allows for a more consistent initial spread of hours when doing high level forecasting. This field defaults from a combination of the Calendar and the FTE%.

The Estimated effort field is no longer automatically calculated, it is user specified.

Project View

The Project view form displays the booking or utilization of resources per project. It has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • Rewrote form for better performance
  • Improved support for subprojects
  • Improved view of Soft/Hard bookings
  • Added Book button for committing hours
  • Moved parameter settings directly on form

Resource View

The Resource view form displays the booking or utilization of resources per Resource. It has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • Rewrote form for better performance and simplified the design
  • Improved view of Soft/Hard bookings
  • Added Book button for committing hours
  • Moved parameter settings directly on form

Intelligent Resource Fulfillment

Enhanced the Intelligent resource fulfillment to display Resources already booked on the current Project. A Resource can be added multiple times in one project.

Changed the availability calculation to be based on the Target utilization functionality to better account for part time billable Resources.

Performance Improvements

In order to significantly improve performance of the projects360 (Projects+) resourcing screens, new classes have been added to populate the booking (ResBooking) table using optimized logic for the projects360 forms. As part of the design changes, the capacity logic is based on the projects360 Target utilization feature along with the Resource booking table.

These changes are compatible with existing users of the projects360 Resourcing functionality, but do somewhat limit the compatibility with standard Microsoft D365FO Resourcing forms.

projects360 BI

In prior releases of projects360 BI, the Data entities used for exporting from F&O all contained many tables per entity. This design made it simpler to consume these Data entities in a BI model. However, over time we’ve had feedback on the performance and development time of these complex entities.

In the current release, read-only Data entities have been added that are 1:1 with tables in F&O. This structure allows for:

  • Improved performance of exports
  • Easier to incrementally export tables instead of doing a full export
  • Easier to export all Legal entities at the same time
  • Easier to add coverage for additional tables
  • Improved coverage of all fields in the table

All the tables that were covered by the old data model are also covered by the new table-based export Data entities. In addition, other commonly sought tables, that are not part of the projects360 BI data model, are included in this release. The old Data entities will remain available, but any new features or improvements will be focused on the new table-based Data entities.

SQL stored procedures are also available that have the same structure and logic of the old Data entities, but use the new table-based Data entities.

Deprecation of Data entity

An old Data entity called “PMBI_deFACTTimeSheet” caused issues on the first sync of the F&O SQL database. It has been deprecated and replaced by the new table-based entities.

Fee management (Preview)

New functionality has been introduced to manage fixed price projects using the time and material accounting concepts. This design helps track the Accrued revenue and Work in progress on an hourly basis, while maintaining the nonbillable nature of those project transactions. This concept is lit up through a combination of automatic Billing rules and a new T&M “Fee types”. The Fee types available are:

  • None
  • Fixed fee
  • Time and materials NTE
  • Progress

There is new Fee management experience introduced to maintain the progress and visibility of the project status. Project budgets, progress percentage and milestones are managed from this form. Existing project invoice proposals can be viewed and new ones can be created as well.

This feature is parameter controlled. Billing categories can be specified on the parameters form to track the revenues generated from each kind billing methods. While defining a project budget or modifying it, a forecast line is created, tracking all the changes to project budget.

Last modified: Sep 25, 2019


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